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You know you are a talented and prolific writer, and you most likely have the spelling, composition and grammar skills to prove it. Maybe you also have the experience and education, as well. Most writers started as creative writers, so it’s quite possible your dream is to write a screenplay, novel or nonfiction book. But, as we all know, right now there are bills to pay. Here are ten ways that I’ve found for you to make the rent money while you work on your future bestseller:

  1. Journalism – The field of journalism offers variety, because you can choose any of your favorite hobbies or interests, and write about them while earning a reasonable salary. You also have a myriad of venues to submit your writing, including printed media, such as newspapers, magazines and trade journals; or broadcast media, such as television, radio and the Internet. The most important components of writing good news copy are accuracy and timeliness. You must get all of the pertinent details right and submit the story while the topic is fresh. You also need to find your niche. Do you love sports, fashion or travel? The best part about journalism is the ability to write about things you care about, which leads to great copy, because you’ll reflect your passion for the subject in your work, making it stand out above the rest.
  2. Technical Copy – If you are one of those people who are technical-minded, technical copy writing is the choice for you. This type of writing requires the ability to read technical specifications and engineering documents, and then understand them well enough to break them down into simpler language for the average reader. This field includes creating user manuals, technical specifications and company documents, such as equipment lists, for both traditional print and for the web. A strong background in engineering, drafting and mechanics will prove beneficial in this specialized field of writing.
  3. Scientific, Legal and Medical Research – You need a specialized academic background for this type of writing, such as law, research science, biology, chemistry and legal and medical terminology. However, there is a high demand for people who can write about medical products, scientific breakthroughs, new medications, legal issues and the latest regulations. There is also need for people who can write scientific research reports, as well as grant proposals for scientific research studies.
  4. Marketing and Advertising – There will always be a need for talented marketing writers. You can earn a steady income if you can write effective marketing and advertising copy. Copy writing offers variety, from writing product descriptions for catalogs to producing web content. Having a working knowledge of search engine marketing and optimization skills is a plus in this field.
  5. Public Relations – The ability to write and submit press releases and other copy to promote businesses and groups in the media is a great way to earn a living by writing. You will need a basic understanding of Associated Press style guidelines and press release format, but once you prove your worth, people will seek your services on a regular basis.
  6. Biographies and Ghost Writing – Writers can help people document the lives of loved ones, whether they are well-known or not. A new market has opened up with the introduction of one of the newest types of publications, the memory book, which contains both text and photos, to honor those who have passed. In addition, there is a great need for ghost writers to document the lives of famous people, who are either too busy to do it themselves, or simply lack the writing skills. Ghost writers also assist people write about other subjects, like an exciting adventure, unbelievable tragedy or historical event. The venues change with the times, for example, with the advent of the tablet (iPad, Kindle, Android and others), eBooks and Kindle publications provide yet another platform for writer to offer their writings.
  7. Newsletters – Many companies, clubs and groups publish a newsletter, either with traditional printed media or electronically, and need writers to provide content or edit the finished product before it’s released. Although most newsletters have a specific focus, they are a good way to get your feet wet before you advance to media with a larger audience, such as newspapers and magazines. Newsletters, published on a regular basis, are a good way to earn a steady income, too.
  8. Blogging – People blog for many reasons, however, blogging has quickly become an effective search engine marketing and optimization tool. E-commerce websites use blogs to attract new visitors to their websites, as well as to keep current users returning to read new content, with the hope that they will become regular customers or clients. Most people consider blogging to be an informal way of writing. However, in order for your reader to consider your blog informative and authoritative, excellent grammar, composition and spelling skills are a necessity. Good writers can earn a regular income with blogging.
  9. Poetry and Prose – Are you a master with words? Greeting card companies, magazines, newspapers, websites and gift manufacturers are always on the look out for people who can write short poetry, funny sayings or entertaining prose. With so many holidays and occasions, the greeting card industry is a booming business. People will always need cards with funny, sweet or serious poetry and prose.
  10. Social Media – Many businesses use social media to engage their customers, which increases their revenue, but they often don’t have the time to keep them updated. Many writers provide this service, posting for companies at websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for example.

I prefer to work a variety of writing jobs at one time. You could pick and choose from this list, so that you won’t get bored. If you become skilled at any of the above ten types of writing, you can make a decent living and still have time to work on your dream piece of literature, poetry or prose.

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